Drain Cleaning Services - Residential and Commercial

Located in Lorain, Ohio, Hagwood drain cleaning services has been a trusted source of drain cleaning, kitchen leak repairs and bathroom drain cleaning services for years. We provide following services to our customers.

Basement drains and utility room drain cleaning

basement-repairsFloor drains can get clogged in basements, utility rooms, garages, patios, driveways and bathrooms. Floor drains have a trap which is filled with water. This prevents odors or sewer gas from escaping. Over time, these types of drains can become clogged due to dirt or debris. You can find more information about our basement drain cleaning services by clicking on this link.

Bathroom drain cleaning services

Showers and bath tubs can get clogged with hair, soap buildup and other grime. Similarly, bathroom sinks also get clogged with grime and soap buildup. You may notice that over time, showers, bath tubs and bathroom sinks start draining slowly until they become completely clogged. Find out more by clicking here about our bathroom drain cleaning services.

Commercial drain cleaning services

Commercial toilets, urinals and drains are generally in high-traffic settings and are used much more than residential toilets and drains. High usage of commercial toilets and drains subjects them to higher chance of clogs and damage as compared to residential toilets and drains. Please click on this link to find out more about our commercial drain cleaning services.

Kitchen leak repairs and leaky faucets

Faucets in your kitchen or bathroom can start leaking over time. Most common reason for a leaky faucet is daily use which puts wear and tear on different parts of a faucet. Sometimes, simply replacing an O-ring and other sealant can fix leaks in a faucet. However, at times the whole faucet may need to be replaced. Please click on this link to find out more about our kitchen leak repairs.

Outdoor drain cleaning

Roof gutters have downspout drains which help channel water from your roof to city storm sewers. Over time, leaves, dirt and other materials may build up over time and clog up downspouts. This can create problems, especially during periods of heavy rains. Please click on this link to find out more about our outdoor drain cleaning services.